is played, watched & worshippedis played, watched & worshipp

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is played, watched & worshippedis played, watched & worshipp

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THUMB RULE 1 keep in mind , when you walk into a new city every seller is out there to extract the maximum out of you (that includes your taxi drivers, hotel bills, restaurant bills, watch out for pick pockets etc). And if you are a foreign national you’d be overcharged for everything starting with a matchbox.

THUMB RULE 2 Learn the art of bargaining and always be on guard. Planning the financial aspects of your trip and figuring out how much money you are going to need is an important part of any backpacking experience. By crunching some numbers, you will have a better idea about how much money you need to save up to make your trip possible. A financial plan is essential for the success of your trip. Your travel budget should be considered long before you leave. Knowing approximately how much money you will need gives you an idea about how much you will need to save. You must set a goal well in advance so that it can be reached by the time of your departure. Planning ahead for your budget isn’t very difficult. Consider the following expenses:

. AirlineRailwayBus ticket . Transportation in and around the country . Accommodations . Food . Sight-seeing and museums . Incidental expenses

PLANNING YOUR BUDGET To figure out how much money you will need, you must first consider where it that you are traveling to is. Most of India is inexpensive, but there are places that will be a little heavy on your pocket. Mumbai, somewhere in Delhi, and Chandigarh are some of the expensive places. On the flip side, you can live and travel in parts of Rajasthan for a couple of hundreds a day.

Next, break down your expenses into two parts the initial costs and daily costs. Initial costs include your airline ticket, your backpack, hostel card, guidebook and all other equipment that you have to purchase before leaving.

Do you already have some or all of this stuff? Can you try to borrow any of it from your friends? If so, you have started saving money already.

If you are headed towards the Metropolitan cities, an ISIC pass would also be a wise initial expense for students as it can get you great discounts on your food, travel and local attractions.

The next thing to be considered is for how many days you will be away. Obviously, the longer your trip, the more money you would be needed.

Now that your initial expenses have been planned out you can look forward and figure out roughly how much will you be spending on the following each day: food, accommodation, sight seeing and transportation.

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Cricket is the second most favorite sporting event. It is played, watched & worshipped in almost all countries of the world. Originated in England, this game has gained popularity at rapid pace & becomes most playing sports event. In Asia, in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & UAE, this game is loved like a religion. People are mad after this game.

The high adoration of this game is harnessed by cricket uniforms. Players need these during the game or practice while fans need its t-shirts in order to wear these while watching the game. Owing to the high fame of this game, leading brands as well as manufacturers are offering their collection in impressive designs & color patterns. These collections are inspired by the existing fashion trends so that cricketers get the appealing look.

The manufacturers are also offering their collection in standard designs. These collections are inspired from the original attire of the international teams. These collections best suit the taste of the fans. They can wear these on the occasion of the game to support their favorite team. The main characteristics of these designs are the logo & name of the international cricket playing team.

Custom cricket uniforms are best meeting the requirements of the teams & clubs. Whether it will be an ODI or T-20 match, these are perfect to meet every requirement of the players. They can wear these on the occasion of the game. The designers have used latest technological tools with the purpose of creating the exclusive designs. The most important features of the custom collections are team name, team logo, player name & number. The team name & logo along with other attributes help in developing the collection at par in excellence to the international uniforms. These characteristics help in attracting the sponsors as well as the crowd. These custom designs help in conveying the message that the team is doing some serious business in the ground.

Apart from the designs of the cricket uniforms, its fabric is also of utmost importance. As players have to run & have to bear lots of physical exertion, then fabric has to be light in weight & skin friendly. With these features, players get maximum comfort along with flexibility during the game.

Manufacturers of cricket uniforms are also trying hard to maintain international quality standards. To achieve this purpose, they employ the latest machinery of stitching & cutting to tailor their products. These equipments help in offering seamless finishing. Apart from this, the other attributes that are achieved by using these equipments are durability, reliability & long life.

These are certain issues that cricket uniforms manufacturers face while developing their collection. They are striving hard in order to meet the exact taste of the buyers. If you own a team or just looking for new collection, then it is always recommended to opt the custom designs for your cricket team as various attributes are associated with these designs.

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