PANDORA Reflexions™ Clearance Sale

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PANDORA Reflexions™ Clearance Sale

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While wholesale PANDORA Wish Collection Sale with independent jewelry stores helped Pandora conquer the market during the recession, Burger says the company is no longer interested in being in as many stores as possible. Instead it's focused on being able to control how Pandora is sold through Pandora's own stores and through partnerships with more exclusive retailers.

The most sought-after PANDORA Reflexions™ Clearance Sale are from the early days of Pandora, before the brand exploded. There's the Blue Primrose Path, which was only released in Germany and is selling on eBay for $595. There's also the Princess and the Pea charm, the Hans Christian Andersen hat charm, and the cola can charm. The winiper charm that's given to Pandora employees and isn't available for purchase is particularly coveted; it can be yours, if you're willing to drop the $1,500 some sellers want for it.

Cost aside, there are also PANDORA Disney Charms Sale to consider. Today Pandora offers more than 800, and the sheer range of choices — pink cupcakes, a snowboarder, an espresso can, Christmas trees, Christmas pudding, a chef's hat, paw prints, tiaras, gondolas, hedgehogs, Chinese dolls, a perfume bottle that reads "Eau de Pandora" — makes shoppers feel like they are getting a truly personal design.
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